About Us

Welcome to Hock King located in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada.

A shop of Kingsize Deals and Customer service fit for Royality!


Hock King Wasaga Beach is under NEW ownership and is very excited to show off our products and introduce our new amazing style with the best staff (We feel you will so agree after they have helped you!)

What is Hock King?  Well, to place it in basic terms, we are a Buy, Sell and Trade business with a retail storefront.

We BUY your gently used to new products for CASH or TRADE for credit towards another item in the store if desired!

We also help you out when your in a pickle or a tight spot. What do we mean?

BUYBACK is a loan of funds where you use your items that you own as collateral. Ever been hit with that bill and your tight (like at Christmas!) Need just $100 dollars to cover you to payday, an emergency reared its ugly head? That is where we help! We loan you money based on the amount needed and the items that you bring to our store for collateral and this way you are able to get by.  (All items are assessed for condition as well as workability and value presented) Not all of us have credit cards and we know that we can not stroll into a bank for a small loan of a $100 to $500 or more and perhaps the folks are tired of being your personal account.  So you use our BuyBack process and then when you are ready (30 days, give or take) you come in, pay the original loan amount with the interest fee and your items are back in your hands to enjoy again! Not quite caught up, Just pay the loan interest fee and it extends the loan for 30 more days.

SELL  -  We offer many different types of products from new to the previously loved (aka used) for sale such as Gold and Silver Bullion or Coins, Jewellery for all, Watches, Musical Instruments, Tools, Video Game Consoles from Current to old classics, Video Games, Blu-Ray’s, Dvd's and the systems they play on as well as Home Audio and Video to the unique collectibles and sometimes the obscure!

We also specialize in Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh and Magic the Gathering trading cards and buy and sell Card collections.

We always have more items added to our retail storefront so keep checking back!




All items purchased online are shipped within Canada via Canada Post. Average Shipping to most locations in Canada is 4-7 Business days. Shipping outside of Canada may take up to 14 days. 

Warranty Policy:

Please know this policy information before ordering anything in our online store.

Every Item in our store is marked as “Used” and comes with a 15 day warranty policy, unless sold “as-is”. All items sold “as-is” are final sale and are not applicable to be returned. Should a problem arise, We will try our best to repair the item in a timely manner, or exchange it for the same working item, where applicable.  We reserve the right to refuse a return if subjected to abuse. 

1256 Mosley St.
Wasaga Beach, ON, Canada
Mon - Sat, 10:00am - 5pm
Sunday, Closed